Yossi Aharon

Yossi AharonYossi Aharon is a musician and professional Greek Bouzouki player from Israel. He began his musical career at a young age. He started learning music and music notation at age 6 and learned to play on mandolin, violin and piano. In his adulthood, he studies computer professions and successfully graduated. During a visit in Greece, he decided to fulfill his childhood dream and started to learn to play bouzouki. After a period which he played and studied, he realized that through bouzouki he can express himself. Following many requests received from his students and clients, He published bouzouki method book in Hebrew called “Kessem Ha’Bouzouki” (in English: “The Magic of Bouzouki”). Today, Yossi Aharon is consider to one of the best bouzouki players in the world.

The Musician and Bouzouki Player Yossi Aharon