Aris San

Aris San

Aris San, was born as Aristidis Saisanas in the city Kalamata, Greece. At the age of 8, his family moved to Athens where he studied. At age 11, Aris won the Young Talent Competition and at age 16 began to appear in taverns, singing and playing the guitar.

At age 17, he came to Israel by ship from Athens, some say that it wanted to avoid his military service in Greece. He changed his name to Aris San and began performing in clubs in Israel, including Ariana Club in Jaffa. Aris San began to earn a lot of money, was involved in several clubs in the country and received Israeli citizenship. The song “In life everything goes” in Hebrew became a hit in Israel.

In 1972 he left Israel, moved to New York along with his musicians and opened the club “Sirocco” that become very popular. On Yom Kippur War, he has visited and performed for the troops. Members of the local mafia took over the club. Police took control of the club and found a large quantity of drugs. Aris was also arrested and required to testify against the Mafia, but he refused and was sentenced to two years imprisonment.

After his release from prison he tried to open some business but failed. Aris was totally broken. He easily debts and creditors fled to Budapest with his impresario. He appeared there, but shortly thereafter was attacked by thugs. Aris was hospitalized and died several days later of a heart attack. Aris San died on 25 July 1992.

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