Apostolos Nikolaidis

Apostolos Nikolaidis

Apostolos Nikolaidis was born in June 30, 1938. He was born in drama, located in northern Greece.

While still he was young his parents, Giorgos and Maria moved to Thessaloniki. Music has always been in the blood of Apostolos. As a young boy he would sing the popoular songs he heard on the radio and all kinds of songs that his mother taught him.

In 1951 he graduated from school and went to work with his father in construction. During his work in the construction site he start to sing to himself and everyone listened. When Apostolos listened to the radio and heard the songs of Stelios Kazantzidis at that moment he was amazed. To the disappointment of his parents, he bought a guitar created a trio and started singing around the neighborhood. Especially young people sang the old songs performed by popular artists at that time, including Stelios Kazantzidis and Btikotzis.

After completing his military service, Apostolos took the musical ambition that he had and started recording a new album. During recording Apostolos discovered Stellios Kazantzidis was present at the recording studio, and he was enthusiastic and waited stop recording later Stellios Kazantzidis sang his big hit “To teleftaio vradi mou”.

Apostolos full recorded songs performed by the greatest composers of that period including: Manolis Hiotis (and was a close friend who helped and taught him a lot), Giorgos Lafkas and Apostolos Kladaras. In 1962 he recorded his first song “Esi me Pligoses Varia” written by Lafkas.

Apostolos Nikolaidis died in 1999.


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